Accessorize Your TWA

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Beauty, Hair Care
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Okay well the title of this may be a bit misleading (only halfway). I’m excited right now….I’ll get to that in a moment.

So, the biggest fear that women have when they opt to do a big chop is that they won’t look feminine enough. The masses will tell you to accessorize your TWA. Adorn it with bows, flowers ribbons, headbands etc.I definitely took that advice and I do get quite a few compliments about my daily hair adornments LOL (I really think that my coworkers don’t know what to say about the hair itself. So I’ve been trying to shop around for various hair adornments and I quickly realized how pricey they can get. A simple headband with a flower on it from Target will run you anywhere from $7-$12. That really adds up after a while. So I stuck to two headbands initially, a black one and a brown one, each adorned with cute flowers. Then one day I am in the beauty supply shop looking for products (of course) and I walk past a section with a ton of headbands and clip on flowers. I call out to the gentleman and ask him how much they are and he says. $1.99…………..”Excuse me sir, WHAT???!” You mean to tell me that I have been scouring the aisles in Target and the clearance section in Claire’s and the Beauty Supply shop has them for $1.99???? I was hesitant when I went to the register, LOL I still couldn’t believe it. Sure enough, they rang up at $1.99 each!

So here are a few examples of my current “staple look” with my “Hair adornments LOLUntitled-2

So I also kept looking at women with beautiful natural hair and they always seemed to have beautiful earrings to match. Well, I don’t have a lot of earrings and again, it’s the cost factor that has prevented me from stockpiling. I’ve searched and searched, then I passed through someone’s blog (I wish that I could credit them, but I read so many blogs that I get cross eyed sometimes) and they suggested checking out earrings at a Beauty Supply store. What the what? What have I been doing all my life, I go to beauty supply stores solely for hair products and I rush right out. So today I decided that I would swing by just to see. Listen!!!! A huge rack of earrings for either $1.00 or $1.99, skeptical Neesha went to the cashier with only 4 pairs of earrings. My grand total? $5.27…I’m driving away trying to keep myself from turning around and purchasing every pair of earrings on that rack LOL. Okay, now for a brief moment of truth. Are they the same quality as earrings at other stores. Hmm, maybe not, but shoot for $1 I’ll take the chance, I’m not going to the Grammys or anything LOL. So, I was pleasantly pleased and I think that now I will have to start doing haul blog posts when I buy more earrings and hair accessories. (BTW in these pictures, they look small, they are all large earrings, the ones with the feathers actually touch my shoulders and don’t hang flat. It works though. The others all almost reach my shoulders. This find made my ENTIRE day LOL)


  1. MrsDay says:

    I look ridiculous when I wear flowers in my hair. You look CUTE! I think I’ll start getting some earrings from the BS too. I was just there yesterday….but they weren’t in my budget.

    • neesha says:

      LOL I thought that I’d look ridiculous too, but I think that I am getting used to them. Oh and know that I hobbled my butt back into that shop today after my crazy day LOL with 48 layers of sweat and grabbed 7 more pair. 99 cents each? Listen! LOL

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